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I’m Hanne and I’m on a mission.

I want every women to feel amazing in what she’s wearing. I don’t care for ill-fitting clothes from the store. I want good fit, great quality & that amazing feeling you get when you put on something you LIKE and that fits you.

How I do that?

I make bespoke clothing for awesome women who want to look and feel amazing (and have bought way too many shoes on desperate shopping sprees)

That’s right
Bespoke clothing for women of all ages and sizes. I truly believe that everyone should have clothes that make them feel great.

You’re juggling plenty of things already, no need to feel crappy when standing in front of your closet on top of that.

Good fitting clothes make you feel amazing. They make you stand up taller. Make you chase your dreams and catch them.

Wearing clothes that make you feel like a bosslady is so important.
Life’s too short for ill-fitting clothes & feeling sad. Let me bring happiness to your wardrobe.

I am…

I’m a sewist with a heart for style.
I’m a dreamer wanting to make the world a prettier + happier place.
I’m strong-willed and working hard. For you. To make you look amazing.




Hanne is a maker and a teacher. She teaches all about art, sewing and costume design to kids & adults.

She earned a masters degree in costume design from the prestigious Royal Academy of Fine Arts in Antwerp.
After that she continuously worked on her education by following workshops on pattern drafting, fitting and sewing. She aims for perfection and she truly believes that good clothes make your life better and happier.
She has worked for theatres such as Het Paleis and has been making bespoke clothing for clients since 2012. She was a finalist in different competitions for Glam-it and Elle Magazine, styling collections for Mango and designing stage outfits for An Pierlé.



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