It always starts with a question, this time there was the question of recreating a vintage dress that didn’t survived laundry. It happens with wool vintage dresses, if you wash them, they might shrink. So Déborah came to me asking if would be possible to design and make a vintage inspired dress to replace the shrunken one. So I got to work

As always in the bespoke process, we started with taking measurements and having a good look at the shrunken dress. I drafted a pattern based on Déborah’s measurements and sewed up a muslin. First fitting went perfectly, so onto the final dress!

bespoke dress client work vintage inspired dress deborah front view 2 client work vintage inspired dress for debora front shot

This vintage inspired dress is similar to the original fifties dress, but we made some alterations.

  • The neckline still has the split seam at the front, but we decided against a mandarin collar.
  • The original short sleeves were replace by 3/4 sleeves with a hem detail mimicking the neckline slit
  • I’ve added in-seam pockets to the sideseams
  • We opted for an invisible zipper instead of a visible metal zipper.
  • The hem is finished with bias tape and secured with a blind stitch.

It’s vintage inspired, but perfect for modern days with the added comfort of pockets & extra movement through the shoulders!

Déborah asked me to find fabric and I found this gorgeous Italian wool flannel. It’s a very deep burgundy/red color. Very hard to photograph though! I think this vintage inspired dress will be one that she can wear for a very long time! A classic silhouette, and wearable with flat shoes or heels.

client work vintage inspired dress for deborah back view bespoke dress client work vintage inspired dress for deborah front view

A happy client is my favorite client, and I’m glad we got to work together for this vintage inspired dress! Now, onto a pair of perfectly fitting pants!

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