The last couple of months I learned a lot of things! This series has been going strong for over 2 years now!
Consistency is good.  So here is installment number 105

Let me also add: after 2016, all I can wish you is an amazing 2017. I think we all deserved it big time.

#1 An ill-fitting sleeve might make you feel frumpy. A shoulder adjustment might fix that! 

#2 I’m obsessed with these ballerinas by Cathy Daley.

#3 This is true for me: how sewing benefits your mental health.

#4 We often hear about overnight succes. Here’s how to prepare for it! 

#5 In the end, nobody wins, unless everybody wins. Born to run.

What did you learn last week?

image: Messing sewing toolbox!  For more daily life, you can always follow me on instagram!