A long time ago I blogged about my plans on making a Macaron by Colette Patterns.
And now the time is here! My macaron is finished. I finished the hem on february, 28th, so I’m counting this one for the #sewbluefebruary challenge over at sewcialists.

I started this dress on the first of february, and wanted to finish it earlier, but sometimes life gets in the way of finishing a dress! I had a lot of fun living, so all’s well :-).

Today was my boyfriend’s birthdayparty so I wore my new dress. (The friend who helped me pick out the fabric was a guest as well, her first words when she saw me were: “You finally finished it!” It took me two years!) After the party, I forced my boyfriend into taking pictures, ’cause I was too lazy tired to set up my tripod.

So, now it’s picturetime!

voor zijkant achterkant

The fabric was bought two years ago at Stoffenspektakel, a travelling fabric fair in Belgium and the Netherlands. The solid fabric is from Pauli. The best fabric shop in Leuven in my opinion.

I cut a straight size 6 for the bodice and graded from a six to a twelve for the skirt. No FBA needed in my opinion. Which is ironic, since I put off making a macaron after struggling with the FBA for it. Going with your guts often is the best thing to do.

voor 2

Yes. That’s me all happy cause it’s finally finished and gorgeous. A friend who was staying over,  even said she was impressed with how neat I sewed the thing. She said it twice :–)(my friend was in costume design with me, I wasn’t good at sewing according to my teachers in costume design. That’s why she was so surprised)

So, here’s the bonus shot. Totally blaming that one on Corona and too much gluten and lactose free brownies.
blooperWhat do you guys think? A make worth the wait?
Have a splendid week next week! I have the week off from classes and teaching, so I’ll be sewing, preparing for next month and visiting my parents. HURRAY!

  • The dress is great! I love the floral fabric! I’ve been staring at it for the past 10 minutes, so pretty!

    • Thank you so much! I’ve bought 2.5 metres and I’m now contemplaiting wether I make a second dress out of it or not. Maybe to much print for a full dress? (laurel shift type?) Or a full skirt? Or give it away 😉

      • I’ll vote for option 3 ;). I think this fabric would look great with a simple A-line style skirt.

        • haha, A-line skirts are not my cup of tea. I think they make me look short and huge… I’ll see, if it’s still here in a couple months, maybe it’ll be option three. At the moment I’m too much in love…

  • Jo

    Stunning! The shape of it really suits you – and those colours! I totally vote loud shift dress with the rest of it, it’ll look fantastic 🙂

    • Thank you, Jo! I think so too. Maybe I just need to make one!

  • Definately worth the wait, it’s beautifull! And that blue solid matches the blue in the print perfectly.
    I don’t know if it’s your cup of tea but I bet some cuffed shorts in that fabric would be perfect for summer!

    • Thank you so much! Cuffed shorts sounds scary to me, but I’ll think about it!

  • Love this dress! I like that you can change the appearance of the Macaron so much with fabrics choices.

    • Thank you! I also love the different versions I saw in the blogosphere!

  • Lovely lovely! Great rooftop shots!

    • Thanks! Rooftop shots are my go to shots 🙂

  • Super cute dress!

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