Yesterday, Anneke and I got together for a photo shoot session. She made some new shorts (soon on her blog, I guess) and I had these midi length pleated chiffon skirts that were in desperate need of new photos.
We were very lucky, since it was such a beautiful day yesterday! 22°C and sunny, YES please, give me more of this early Spring weather!

As you might know, I’m not a big fan of being in photos. Or more specific: being aware of being photographed. Anneke did a really amazing job in making me feel a bit more at ease and she managed to get good shots! Thank you again!
To reward ourselves, we went straight to Gelato Factory after. Gelato Factory is the best ice cream shop in Antwerp, in my opinion. You should pay a visit if you are in the neighborhood. It’s a 15 minute walk from my house, but it’s worth every step! For those people who can’t have lactose, like me: their sorbet is equally delicious!

Now, onto the photos!

photoshoot outtake: one hand on hip, happy face photoshoot outtake: happy face Photoshoot outtake: woman looking down  at the floor Photoshoot outtake: being serious and fierce in the black pleated midi skirt Photoshoot outtake: feeling very happy in my black pleated midi skirt Photoshoot outtake: giving the black pleated midi skirt a swirl in front of a graffiti wall Photoshoot black pleated midi skirt posing with a bike

I just love living in the city, where we have so much different locations at our fingertips. And props (like bikes) just hang around too!
Find more new photos in the shop!


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