A while ago, I was looking to have some new labels made to sew into the new collection. I have labels that go into every bespoke garment, but for the collection, I wanted something different. It was around the same time I was approached by Abby of Dutch Label Shop; They were wondering if I wanted to try out their labels? Since I was in the market for new labels already, I said yes and went to their site to have a look!

They have many options to choose from, from woven labels to care labels and from hang tags stock labels. I was looking for woven labels with my logo and care labels to go into the new items I’m making. The process was fairly easy. Pick the type of label you want. Upload your logo if you picked a woven logo label and add an extra tag line.
For the care labels, you can’t upload a logo, but I simply typed my name and added all the extra info. I also included the ‘you look good’ – phrase, because well: if you wear something that fits: You do look good! Nothing like a little bit of encouragement to start your day!

new labels

So, I ordered the care labels and the woven logo labels. For the woven logo labels, you get to pick exactly how they are constructed (simple, folded, double-fold, book fold….) I went with a book cover fold, which means that all ends are folded to the inside. I might go with a center fold or even an ordinary hang loop next time, but I’m very happy with the book cover fold for now!

You can upload your logo and pick a bunch of colors, I decided on hot pink, because, that’s my favorite color ever! I find it so pretty in combination with the black & white of my logo. I also opted for a double-white background, to make sure the white of the logo would be really white.
You can pick iron-in labels, but I don’t like those, so I went with sew-in labels.

new labels care labels
A care label in my husband’s new pants. He liked the tag-line 🙂

Production is super-fast! Production takes about 7 days, and after that they arrive at your doorstep, so you don’t have to do anything else. YAY.

I’m very happy with these labels, and that means it’s time for celebrations! To celebrate the fact that I am so happy with the quality of this new labels, Abby, the lovely lady I spoke with at Dutch Label Shop, got us all a discount code: simply enter ‘ hannev ‘ at checkout and get 15% off your purchase! So, if you are in the market for some new labels, the time is now! The discount code is valid untill the 9th of April!



Don’t want to sew anything yourself? Check-out my made to order collection and get yourself some new goodies (yes, they will include these new awesome labels ;-))